Creativity is not something that you turn on and off whenever you want. You need a process to ignite it inside your brain.

Working with creativity doesn't seem like a job for me. It is actually challenging and satisfying. But I always follow the steps of the Creative Process by Luiz Vidal Negreiros Gomes (2001). He was one of my Masters in the University.

The first step is to define the problem and delimit the context in which the process will unfold.

During the preparation the objective is to absorb information. Learn about the universe of your client's segment and your campaigns history. Discover who are your competitors and how they act in the market. Read all about it, look for information. Finally, get to know your client as much as he knows himself.

Time to stop everything and do other activities in order to let the incubation process occur by itself. During this period, don't look for answers or ideas consciously. Enjoy your free time to go to the cinema, practice some sports, hang out with friends, while your brain is doing its part.

Warming Up 
Getting back to work, it's time to develop practical activities, such as scribbling, drawing, sketching and writing. Isn't time to judge the work, only to create, using alternative generation techniques such as brainstorm.

It's the moment to imagine the ideas and modeling types for your viewing. Compare its characteristics with the requirements in order to select the idea that suits best for the project.

At this stage the idea is already set. We must now demonstrate their both verbal and graphical representation through the creation of 2D and 3D modelings.

In the final step we must prove that the adopted idea is definitely the best solution.